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Prevailing Wage Boot Camp

May 11, May 18 and May 25
Think you know everything
about completing Prevailing
Wage Reports? Think again...

Failure to properly complete a prevailing wage report can cost your company time and money and in the worst case can affect your ability to work on a prevailing wage project in the State of Rhode Island.

• Learn there IS a difference between using the U.S. Labor (Federal) Prevailing Wage Report and the Rhode Island Prevailing Wage Report and which to use

• Overtime - the difference in Overtime Requirements on RI Projects and Federal Projects

• Change in Rate - Find out that on July 1 of each year projects being constructed using the RI Prevailing Wage Decision MUST change to use the Prevailing Wage in effect as of that date (yes - it means you need to pay more.......)

• PW Daily Log - Find out that all subcontractors and contractors must maintain daily-sign in logs at the site or be fined by the DLT

• Fringe Benefits - how to pay them, how to report them, how to make it work for your company

• Owners  - how to handle reporting Owners working on Prevailing Wage Projects (Hint - you can't say Owner and leave it blank.......)

These topics and more will be part of the discussions to help you properly complete a prevailing wage report to avoid fines and sanctions imposed by the RI-DLT and other agencies
As part of the ABC's free Education Seminars this 3-part Boot Camp will meet on the following dates at the ABC's RI Chapter Office from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM
• May 11 - RI Prevailing Wage Projects 
• May 18 - Federal PW Project  
• May 25 - How to Make it Work