Membership Benefits

ABC of Rhode Island offers a variety of member programs to help increase the success of its member firms.

Monthly Meetings

Usually held on the second Wednesday of each month (except June and August), ABC/RI's Monthly Dinner Meetings give our members and their guests an opportunity to meet and network with each other, enjoy a nice evening out at one of the area's fine restaurants, and listen to and participate in a program on a subject that impacts their businesses. Programs run the gamut from educational, to safety, to political, to just plain fun. A great deal of "business" gets done in the relaxed atmosphere of the Monthly Dinner Meetings.

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Educational Programs
The Education and Safety Training programs and seminars run by the Rhode Island Chapter include courses as basic as the OSHA 10-Hour Course all the way up to: Management Training, Leadership Development and Business Planning. These programs are run many times throughout the year.

Member Referrals

The Rhode Island Chapter receives many inquiries from general contractors and subcontractors asking us to refer them to various types of businesses within our membership. ABC/RI has a very simple policy when it comes to making these types of referrals - We refer our members.

Health Insurance

Through ABC Merit Choice®, ABC's own nationwide insurance brokerage, members of the Rhode Island Chapter can obtain health and dental insurance for themselves and their employees at the best rates available.

Discounts on Business Services

ABC members enjoy discounts not available elsewhere on a wide range of services they use everyday. These includes: overnight delivery service, overnight airport parking, a variety of insurance and financial programs that are available to our members from our members such as Staples store discounts.

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Practical Information on Labor Laws

Should an ABC Member encounter labor relations issues at anytime, they may seek legal assistance (first consultation is at no charge) from the Chapter Attorney or from ABC National's counsel under the free "Hot Line" program.

Information Clearing House

The Rhode Island Chapter serves its members by being the place they can turn for information. Whether it's a labor issue, a safety issue, an educational issue, or the need for a specific service, ABC/RI will get the answers. We deal with requests and inquiries every day. We know exactly where to go for the answers, so that our members don't have to go looking, themselves. This frees them up to run their businesses.

Apprenticeship Training

The Rhode Island Construction Training Academy (RICTA), is affiliated with the Rhode Island Chapter of ABC. RICTA provides the classroom training that is required by the state of RI in a number of apprenticeship trades including carpentry, craft laborer, electric, HVAC, painting, pipe-fitter, roofing, sheet metal, and sprinkler-fitter. Additional trades can be added as the need arises. All RICTA instructors are active in the fields they teach.
Our curriculum has been developed under the auspices of the NCCER and is approved by the RI Department of Labor.  For more information go to