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    It is my honor to serve as the 2019 Board Chair for ABC Rhode Island.  As members, we all share a belief in the Merit Shop philosophy.  Similarly, we all have responsibility to promote and support that philosophy in our day-to-day activities, particularly in the construction industry. The goals for this year will be to increase ABC’s presence on both the political and social level as we grow our membership.  We have received tremendous support from our membership in the form of PAC contributions, which will be put to work supporting candidates who support and share our mission.

   On a social level, we intend to increase our visibility through an updated web page, which is presently under review.  We will make our presence felt through contributions to charitable organizations, such as Adoption Rhode Island and other causes of merit to demonstrate our commitment to be part of our community in a meaningful way.

     I can also confirm that the administration of our organization is in good hands with our President, Maureen Grillo and RICTA’s Director, Kristen Brescia. In Maureen’s first year as President she was able to recruit a significant number of new members, resulting in a year-end overall increase in membership from 2017.  In addition, the retention rate of members was also significant and should result in recognition from ABC National. Meanwhile, Kristen has been able to increase the enrollment in RICTA to more than 250 student apprentices in multiple disciplines. She has also been able to solicit and receive significant contributions that ultimately will be used to renovate and modernize the school with new equipment, seating and other amenities to improve the classroom experience.  This leadership will continue for both ABC and RICTA to the highest level of professional standards and further promote our reputation in Rhode Island.

     As Chairman of the Board, I can confirm that each member of the Board is actively involved in the operations of our organization with monthly Board meetings. Each Board meeting has an agenda with an open item of new business. I welcome any input from members who have ideas, suggestions, complaints or other input that should come before the Board for consideration.  The organization only improves by participation from all members; so please raise any suggestions or comments you may have in that regard.  This year will be a slightly different format from our monthly dinner meetings, as we attempt to introduce different events, both social and non-traditional.  You can count on wine tasting in April, Polo in the summer months, and possibly other surprises along the way.  Our goal is to keep you actively involved and satisfied with out monthly meetings, and to promote further networking and interaction amongst our members.

     I look forward to a successful year for ABC.

Sincerely, Joseph J. Reale, Jr.

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ABC Rhode Island Chapter Mission Statement

To create an environment that provides merit
shop contractors equal opportunity to bid on
and perform all projects.

To provide the highest quality construction while promoting education, safety and civic involvement.
To help members reach their full economic potential.

Welcome to our newest members!

Farrar & Associates, Inc. - Newport, RI (401) 849-5820

Independent Pipe and Supply Corp. - Canton, MA & Pawtucket, RI (401) 725-1700

Baystate Financial -  Darrian Slaughter (401) 575-8470 & Louis Obando (401) 480-0474

B. Baptista Electric Inc.,  Electrical Contractor Cumberland, RI (401) 723-5800 

Phalanx Engineering Inc. Mechanical Contractors, Warwick, RI (401) 941-9900

Electrical Wholesalers, Inc., Distributor of Electrical Equipment & Supplies, Portsmouth, RI (774) 219-3773

Construction Equipment Rentals Co. Inc., Providence (401) 369-7300

Pella Windows & Doors, Manufacturer of premium windows & doors, Fall River, MA (508) 304-4115

Vaz Construction, General Contractor, Providence, RI  (401) 654 0202